Issued today in 1956

Nigeria. Royal Visit. Originally issued 1 September 1953, the 2d Tin Mining definitive was reissue 28 January 1956 with ‘ROYAL VISIT 1956’ overprint. A sheet of 60 stamps was released in error with the overprint inverted. Examples rarely surface today.


Issued today in 1978

Falkland Islands. Mail Ships. Issued 25 January 1978 (SG331A-SG345A; SC260-274). Reissued in 1982 with ‘1982’ year imprint.

The 3p and 50p exist with watermark facing right in error rather than left (when viewed from the back) and just ten examples of the 9p are recorded with imperforate lower margin. All varieties emanate from the original 1978 issue.

Issued today in 1966

Omnibus. Churchill Commemoration. Issued 24 January 1966. Some 33 Commonwealth territories issued the four-value set pictured commemorating the death of Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill (30 November 1874 – 24 January 1965).

Numerous varieties exist – many being inverted watermarks. Others include colour shifts, offsets, flaws, and double prints. A good range of sets, plate blocks and unusual varieties can be found here.