KUT 1938 5c Dhow on Lake Victoria with double frame

Likely due to contact with a freshly printed sheet, a used example of the Kenya Uganda Tanganyika 5c Dhow on Lake Victoria, perf 13 x 11¾, has surfaced with a second (offset) impression of the frame. The spectacular variety (SG132var; SC67var) is ex Graham Cooper’s KGVI collection auctioned in December 2016 and is believed unique.

Offsets occur during stacking of freshly printed sheets. Virtually all are discovered on the gummed side due to the front of a sheet with undried ink coming into contact with the back of another sheet. The stacking of sheets face-to-face is unusual, but not unknown. A more recent example exists on Swaziland’s 40c/55c Zebra White issue of 17 December 1990 with the surcharge appearing twice – the second impression reversed and at an angle.

Discover other examples of offsets here.

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