Issued today in 1998

Great Britain. The Queen’s Beasts. Issued 24 February 1998. The five designs, heraldic statues representing the genealogy of Queen Elizabeth II, were issued together in sheets. A handful of strips have appeared missing green. The first surfaced in 2007 and was reportedly found in a presentation pack.


Issued today in 1977

New Zealand. Silver Jubilee miniature sheet. Issued 23 February 1977. The miniature sheet is known  imperforate, missing silver, and missing red – the errors are all very scarce. Missing red (pictured with normal) is subtle and affects the Queen’s hair, lips and skin tone. Around eight examples exist.

Malaysia Selangor 1993 20c Oil Palm – imperf discovery

The Malaysia agricultural definitives, comprising seven values, were issued across 14 states between 1986 and 2002. The year of printing corresponding to the marginal plate numbers – 1A for 1986, 2A for 1987, 3A for 1988 and so on until 1999. Thereafter things are muddied, but Mac McClaren’s guide to the definitive series clears any confusion.

A lower right corner Selangor 20c Oil Palm plate 8A–8A–8A–8A–8A block, from 1993, has surfaced with the right margin imperforate. Not only is this a newly discovered variety, but the plate sequence is unknown too. This is the first recorded plate 8A Selangor printing. The complete right margin of the 20c sheet would have been affected, meaning up to ten examples exist imperforate to the right margin. So far only this block has appeared on the market.

More Malaysia definitives here.


Issued today in 1967

Great Britain. Anniversary of European Free Trade Association. Issued 20 February 1967. An extraordinary number of missing colour errors are recorded for the two-value EFTA commemorative set due to multiple colour printing being in its infancy and the designs being released in two flavours – with and without phosphor.

Printed in eight colours, almost all colours are known individually missing. Many being very subtle. By far the most visual of the errors is the loss of four colours from the 9d value: black, brown, cyan and yellow. A sheet of 120 stamps was affected. Very scarce – with just a used pair confirmed and authenticated – is missing red from the 1s 6d phosphor.

The following errors are recorded (see a good range here):

Black, brown, cyan and yellow missing (non-phosphor issue)
Brown missing (non-phosphor issue)
Brown missing (phosphor issue)
Cyan missing (non-phsophor issue)
Cyan missing (phosphor issue)
Green missing (non-phosphor issue)
Green missing (phosphor issue)
Lilac missing (non-phosphor issue)
Lilac missing (phosphor issue)
Yellow missing (non-phosphor issue)
Yellow missing (phosphor issue)

1s 6d EFTA
Blue-grey missing (non-phosphor issue)
Blue-grey missing (phosphor issue)
Brown missing (non-phosphor issue)
Brown missing (phosphor issue)
Cyan missing (non-phosphor issue)
Cyan missing (phosphor issue)
Deep blue missing (non-phosphor issue)
Deep blue missing (phosphor issue)
Green missing (non-phosphor)
Red missing (phosphor issue)
Yellow missing (non-phosphor issue)