Issued today in 1973

Malta. Definitives. Issued 31 March 1973. A second LM2 value sporting a different design was added to the series on 28 January 1976. The 4m value exists imperforate from two panes of 50 stamps and is also known missing gold from at least five affected panes.

Issued today in 1997

Norfolk Island. Butterflies. Issued 28 March 1997. Two sheets of 50 stamps of the 75c design sold by the Norfolk Island Burnt Pine post office were discovered missing gold (country name and value). The error occurred due to several sheets sticking together during the gold printing process.



Issued today in 1952

South Africa. South African Tercentenary International Stamp Exhibition (SATISE). Issued 26 March 1952. The two values were first issued 14 March 1952 without ‘SATSIE’ overprint to commemorate the tercentenary of the landing of Johan Anthoniszoon van Riebeeck at what was to become Cape Town.


Issued today in 1992

Great Britain. Castles definitives. Issued 24 March 1992. The designs were first issued 18 October 1988. The re-designed values of 1992 use optically variable ink for the Queen’s head. Innumerable design/perforation shifts exist for all values. The only major error is missing gold from the £5 Windsor Castle. A sheet of 100 stamps was affected.