Barbados 2016 – Landships miniature sheet missing $5 value

Eight examples of the Barbados 2016 Landships miniature sheet missing the $5 value are reported to have been discovered in a bundle by a new issue dealer.

Two golds were used. One for the value (printed as a second process) and one for the rest of the design. It’s believed an uncut sheet missed the second printing process, but was otherwise perforated, cut into miniature sheets, packed with normals, and distributed.

Note: issued 17 August 2016

Barbados 2016 Landships missing $5 value

Barbados 2016 Landships missing $5 value (left) alongside normal


Issued today in 1958

Inauguration of the West Indies Federation. Issued 22 April 1958. Three values sharing the same design were issued simultaneously in Antigua, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Jamaica, Montserrat, St Christopher Nevis Anguilla, St Lucia, St Vincent, and Trinidad & Tobago.


Issued today in 1970

Barbados. 4c/5c Staghorn Coral provisional. Issued 11 March 1970. Due to a lack of 4c stamps to cater for local postage and fiscal needs in 1970, the Barbados postal authority approved the surcharging of the then current 5c Staghorn Coral definitive. Surcharging was undertaken by the local government printery who were woefully equipped to handle the task. The machinery couldn’t properly handle the 10 x 10 gummed sheet format making it necessary to trim the top margin and even fold over the top two rows prior to surcharging. With sheets becoming stuck, folded and re-fed through the press, all manner of varieties resulted. It explains the existence of examples with surcharge on the gummed side, double surcharges, inverted surcharges, and vertical pairs with surcharge missing from one and present on the other. Further, the use of slow-drying ink caused innumerable offset varieties.

Most of the varieties are relatively abundant and suitably valued. The triple surcharge being the exception. It’s scarce with just a handful of examples recorded. There are a smattering of unrecorded varieties combining offsets and multiple surcharge strikes (either upright, inverted or some mix thereof). This includes a fortuitous paper skew resulting in a horizontal pair with surcharge missing from one and normal on the other (as can be seen on the second row of the block pictured). Given the calamitous achievements of the government printery in surcharging some 10,000 sheets, it’s very probable there are more gems for the variety hunter to discover. Even 40-odd years after the event.

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Barbados 1938-47 Badge of the Colony definitives

Printed in various shades and either perf 13½ x 13 or 14 x 14, the 2d value from column 9, row 11 of sheets exists with an extra frame line variety (SG250ca/da/ea). Conveniently, the top left stamp of corner plate blocks of four include the variety. It hasn’t been recorded until now that the very last printing of the value in August 1949 had more than just a subtle shade change to Carmine Rose made to it… the extra frame line was removed too. The images show a typical plate block with frame flaw and the 1949 printing without; the latter corrected version being much scarcer.

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