Issued today in 1967

Great Britain. Pre-decimal Machin definitives. The first three values of the iconic definitive series featuring an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II designed by Arnold Machin were issued 5 June 1967. The design has reputedly been reproduced some 320 billion times; appearing on all definitive stamps (except recent regional issues) since its first introduction.


Issued today in 1969

Great Britain. Cathedrals. Issued 28 May 1969. Although various errors and varieties exist for the issue, the best known affect the 9d and 1s 6d values. Both exist missing black (the value). Around five sheets of 120 stamps of the 9d were affected to some degree. Two sheets of the 1s 6d value were partially affected yielding around 40 examples.



Issued today in 1973

Great Britain. County Cricket. Issued 16 May 1973. Issued with all-over phosphor, the stamps were originally printed with two phosphor bands – however, the run was scrapped due to aesthetically unacceptable results in contrast between phosphor and non-phosphor areas. It was believed all copies of the original run had been destroyed, but examples with two phosphor bands surfaced in 2007 suggesting at least one sheet of each value survived.