Issued today in 1973

Great Britain. British Paintings. Issued 4 July 1973. The 3p, 5p and 7½p values exist missing the gold Queen’s head. The 5p is known missing greenish yellow, which subtly affects Sir Henry Raeburn’s skin tone, while the 9p is recorded missing brownish rose, which affects the shade of the background mountains and Rev Walker’s face and shoes.



Issued today in 1976

Great Britain. Royal National Rose Society Centenary. Issued 30 June 1970. During repairs to the 13p cylinder, the face value of one of the stamps was covered. The covering was inadvertently left in place during printing, but the error was discovered before distribution and all examples supposedly destroyed. However, a used example (on cover with a Dover cancel dated 23 July) and two mint examples surfaced. Both mint copies are from the same position on different sheets: column nine, row one. Just one mint example, in pair with a normal, remains in private hands. The others are in the Royal Philatelic Collection.



Issued today in 1967

Great Britain. Pre-decimal Machin definitives. The first three values of the iconic definitive series featuring an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II designed by Arnold Machin were issued 5 June 1967. The design has reputedly been reproduced some 320 billion times; appearing on all definitive stamps (except recent regional issues) since its first introduction.