Guernsey 2003 Letters of all Shapes and Sizes trial sheetlet

‘Letters of all Shapes and Sizes’ trial sheetlets have surfaced lacking silver and with significant design differences to the issued sheetlets called ‘Letters on a Stamp on a Letter’ of 3 July 2003. The trial sheetlets feature a 25 March 2003 imprint (compared to 3 July 2003 of issued sheetlets) indicating release was delayed presumably to allow for various design alterations.

The trial sheetlets feature an illustrated background and lack silver from the stamps (Queen’s head, £5 value, and territory name). The trial sheetlet stamps have a ‘Lettersofallshapesandsizes’ inscription – absent from the issued stamps – and a royal blue background and pale orange frame compared to deep blue background and white frame of the issued stamps.

Note: most of the trial sheetlets have been split and individual stamps offered as missing colour errors on eBay and other auction sites. While clearly not errors,  the essays are nonetheless extremely scarce and an extraordinary insight into the design decisions surrounding this issue


Issued today in 1971

Guernsey. Decimal definitives. Issued 15 February 1971. Aside from a few colour shifts, just one major error is recorded – missing bright vermilion on the 2½p value. It’s unknown how many were affected, but the existence of a pair with one missing the colour and the other partially missing the colour suggests the error occurred progressively on a pane of 25 stamps.