Issued today in 1987

Hong Kong. Queen Elizabeth II definitives. Type I design featuring heavy shading under cheek and mouth issued 13 July 1987. Reissued 1 September 1988 with type II design (lighter shading). Reissued in 1989, 1990 and 1991 with year imprint at lower right.



Queen Elizabeth II over Hong Kong skyline definitives traffic light/plate blocks x 4 with '1989' imprint (16 items). Difficult assembly. Fresh and fine. Mint never hinged. SG600-615; SC490a-498a/500a-504a; YG347-362. Note: order fulfilled by ZEBOOSE.COM


Issued today in 1973

Hong Kong. Queen Elizabeth II definitives. Issued 12 June 1973. The $5 value exists missing pink. Several vertical strips of five have appeared on the market with the middle stamp affected by the error and stamps either side partially affected. It’s believed one pane was affected meaning up to ten such strips are possible.


Reissued today in 1991

Hong Kong. Queen Elizabeth II definitives. Reissued 2 April 1991. Originally issued 13 July 1987. Subsequently reissued 1 September 1988 with different shading. Then again 1 August 1989 with ‘1989’ year imprint. And again 23 May 1990 with ‘1990’ imprint. And finally 2 April 1991 with ‘1991’ imprint.

The $2.30 value with ‘1991’ year imprint exists missing the country name and inscriptions due to a perforation shift. Just 10 stamps from the leftmost column of a sheet were affected. All other stamps from the sheet have the country name and inscriptions on the left instead of the right.