Malaysia Selangor 1993 20c Oil Palm – imperf discovery

The Malaysia agricultural definitives, comprising seven values, were issued across 14 states between 1986 and 2002. The year of printing corresponding to the marginal plate numbers – 1A for 1986, 2A for 1987, 3A for 1988 and so on until 1999. Thereafter things are muddied, but Mac McClaren’s guide to the definitive series clears any confusion.

A lower right corner Selangor 20c Oil Palm plate 8A–8A–8A–8A–8A block, from 1993, has surfaced with the right margin imperforate. Not only is this a newly discovered variety, but the plate sequence is unknown too. This is the first recorded plate 8A Selangor printing. The complete right margin of the 20c sheet would have been affected, meaning up to ten examples exist imperforate to the right margin. So far only this block has appeared on the market.

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